Sunday, January 18, 2009

Intro and First Ramble

I guess I have to start somewhere. I'm not sure just what is going to appear here. Nothing earth shaking I'm sure. Mostly it will be bits and pieces about what I see going on around me, sometimes locally, most times not. I see a lot of things happening that I don't much care for, being done by people, corporations and governments. A lack of integrity that I wouldn't have believed when I was growing up.
A handshake then was an iron clad contract that a pack of lawyers couldn't break.
Now a contract in ink on paper just means that a bunch of lawyers are going to get rich breaking it. Litigation over damn fool things that the complainants should be ashamed to even admit happened because of their own stupidity.
Judgements made that make you shake your head for the cockeyed view of the world that the judge must have. Overly severe consequences for what was boyish exuberance, and extremely light sentences for what should be leaned on the hardest.
Getting a bit depressing for tone. Most of this should be in a much lighter vein, and not just confined to social issues and observations. We'll see how it goes.